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    I am student who studies Wolverhampton Uni. I got a cold a long time but did not recovery. Who can help me or give me some suggestions to buy some medicines please?

    thanks a lot!

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    Hi,Joe,sorry to hear that.But It’s not a big deal,I suggest you to drink plenty of water and take a good rest.Hope you are well.

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    Hi, Joe,

    Resting well, particularly sleeping well is very helpful in the recovery from cold. If you keep stressing yourself, you might develop pneumonia. I find taking some antibiotics is also helpful since it enables you to recover from cold very soon, although it may be is considered impropriate without consulting GP in the UK.

    Hope you recover very soon!

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    Hi Joe, you can go to a supermarket such as Asda, Tesco or Sainsbury’s and get some Lemsip to help. It’s a powder that you mix with hot water. It has paracetamol in it so don’t take any other paracetamol with it. Hope it helps.

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    Martin Partridge

    Hi Joe,

    I hope these comments have been of some help. Please let us know if they have or if you have found an alternative.

    Many thanks,

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