The Management Committee

The following people form our management committee:

Dr Martin Partridge (Chair and Founder of CSCH)

Dr Martin PartridgeI have worked professionally for many years with people with learning disabilities, disabled people and older adults in many different roles, in both statutory and third sector organisations in the UK.  I have conducted research in China and involvement in Chinese culture has enabled me to spend time in Beijing in developing contacts with disability services.  With a PhD in disability studies (University of Bristol) my research focus has been centred on Chinese communities outside of China and their experiences of social care and inclusion.  I am currently writing with other authors in the field of social care and wellbeing, culture and the experiences of people crossing cultural boundaries.  I am currently a lecturer and researcher in Social Care at the University of Wolverhampton.


Anna Sze Man Nip (Secretary and co-founder of CSCH)

Anna Sze Man NipAs a domiciliary care service manager for the Chinese community at Trident Reach the People Charity since 2004; I have experience in working with people with mental health, dementia and physical health needs, as well as providing an end of life care package to service users and ensuring the highest standards of dignity and respect.  I have leaded my team for winning the West Midlands Regional Care Team Award 2013 and then the National Care Team Award 2014.  I am passionate to make a positive difference to people’s life, ensuring service users receiving person-centred and best care possible for Chinese older people with complex needs, and ensuring their carers’ wellbeing are being maintained at all times.


Jackie Lee (Finance Officer and co-founder of CSCH)

Jackie LeeI have worked for Trident Reach the People Charity since 2007 initially in a support role and later on in a management role.  Cherish House and Connaught Gardens have provided a vital service within the Midlands, as the only two Chinese sheltered housing projects in the UK.  I have experienced providing support to ensure service users are maintaining independent living and getting the right welfare benefit entitlements, sign posting to the relevant professional assistance and given informed choices to ensure service users are making a right decision.  As a child of first generation Chinese who immigrated to Malaysia, I grew up consciously being aware of discrimination faced and the needs of minority groups of people.


Dr Echo Yuet Wah Yeung (Mental Health Advisor)

Dr Echo Yuet Wah Yeung I worked in Liverpool City Council for about 10 years as a Chinese social worker. I first started teaching in 2002 in Liverpool Community College teaching on the BA social work degree. I started working at Liverpool John Moorse University since 2007. My research interests lie in the field of health and social care of minority ethnic groups. I was involved in a study, funded by NIHR, to look at the experience of social care of Chinese people with physical disabilities. I also conducted a number of studies to explore different ways to involve service users and carers from minority ethnic communities in the training of social work students. Currently, I am involved in a study to look at the level of social inclusion of people from Chinese backgrounds with mental health issues.


Chris Tse (Domestic Violence Advisor)

Chris TseI have been working with victims of domestic violence for nearly ten years, and I have been actively involved in organising family education and women’s empowerment projects. With the experience accumulated and the training received over the years, I have developed into a resourceful and skilful support worker. Being a naturally empathetic and compassionate person, I have always been able to build good relationships with my clients. I am open-minded, supportive and, most important of all, I understand the severity and complexity of the problems and have that desire to do something to make a difference to people’s life.